overhilloverdale said: ok, so i've gone to a school with uniforms all my life and i'm just now about to go to a school that doesn't have them. i'm freaking out because i don't know how dress for school every day, as lame as that sounds. like how do i make new outfits without repeating, and do people care if you're too dressy/not dressy enough? thanks so much i'm just panicking a little haha

First off, don’t freak out haha! Just think of how exciting it’s going to be to be able to express yourself through fashion everyday! My advice is to just dress however you want to and not care what anyone else thinks. A lot of people (in my experience at least) don’t really worry about what someone else wears. Just wear what you like and feel comfortable in. I’ve seen people come to school in pajamas and some come in dresses and blazers! As for outfit repeating, I suggest getting a lot of basics and changing outfits up with different accessories. My go to outfit is always a jumper, jeans, and boots! If you want a list of things I suggest, just let me know! x

It’d be nice if all the messages I got weren’t just asking for promos 😒


hello pretty people 💝 so this is my outfit today: urban high waisted skinnies (diy rips), forever 21 crop top & black hat, topshop month chelsea’s, lord & taylor bag, marc jacobs watch 💖 love you & hope you have a great day!